16_Aufwiedersehen_04Yesterday was the last day of this intensive course in February. Through it we have learnt many things that sounded like come from another planet when we landed in Berlin.

Some advantages are, for instance, being able to handle short conversations (like introducing yourself and talk about your background and what do you like or do), getting around in the public transport and ordering in a restaurant, inviting people for dinner, proposing plans, talking about past situations that recently happened… And step by step you realise you understand more things every day, more than you think you do actually.

But the biggest outcome of the whole course is also getting to know great people, both classmates and teachers, which make your experience more memorable. Our class met yesterday evening for having dinner all together, each one of us bringing some food speciality. Food and language unite people, and that’s applies all over the world, no matter where you are 🙂 And in the end, having these nice memories is what makes your day.

16_Aufwiedersehen_01 16_Aufwiedersehen_02 16_Aufwiedersehen_03

So if you’re still indecisive about moving to Berlin and study German, I wouldn’t doubt it any second more. Even if you come alone, you will always have a small family with the people you meet at the academy.

Hope you had fun reading my posts. See you again around Berlin!