Talking about cool bars and hangouts in Berlin, you definitely cannot miss this place! The Monkey bar is located on the top floor of the 25h hotel in Berlin (Budapester Str. 40) next to the Zoologischer Garten.

Just the main hall itself it’s nice to see, as depicted in the photos below. But then when you take the lift and go up, what you find in the bar it’s just amazing. You have a panoramic view of the whole zoo, with huge windows and the sitting places facing them. It’s bright and very nicely decorated, the atmosphere of the place is very cool.

You can go there any day of the week to have a coffee or a cocktail, and they also offer snacks and small dishes (I had falafel myself and it was a big plate and it tasted really good). But if you are in the mood for a big meal, you should also check out Neni restaurant, which is at the opposite end of the corridor where the lift is. I can’t talk about the restaurant from my experience because I haven’t been inside (yet), but it is always fully booked and I heard very nice opinions about it.

15_Monkey_bar_01 15_Monkey_bar_02 15_Monkey_bar_04

If you have still some days left after your course finishes, or you are staying in the city longer, I think this is a must-do that should be crossed on your list as soon as possible.