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The Last Day of ‘A Eins Zwei’

Berlin, am 11. November 2016

It has been a great experience for me since I joined this language class by the Deutsch Akademie. For those out there who are deciding where to learn German, and how to register yourself with, I am here to share a bit of my own experience. I did not read carefully before I register, but one will be tested with the knowledge of German, both on the speaking and writing tests. Of course, I can go back home first and do my review before I began the test, but the queue at the office makes you want to just get it over and done with. Prior to moving to Berlin, I have already purchased online apps that could jump-start me with a basic German. I am rather pleased with myself when I learned that I am placed at level A1.2 (A Eins Zwei) which means I skipped one level ahead.  But then not a minute later I began to have a panic attack, what if I got lost in this probably advance level. I felt some nervousness in me. But after went through 4 weeks of classes, from Monday to Thursday, 16 classes of 3 hours daily in total, I can vouch for the quality of the tests that the staff had given to me. I was indeed placed at the right level. I love the system of numbering and alphabets that they have at the office. The numbers are for those who just have general questions, and the alphabets are for those who are going to sit for their speaking test. If you don’t really understand this, well just come over to the academy and experience it yourself. Today is our last day for this course. Some will leave the country, some will just not be joining the next level, but the rest who will be continuing their journey to the next level will continue their next class as usual on next Monday.  It is a serious atmosphere for those who really want to gain knowledge in writing and speaking German. I am really satisfied (so, far) about my progress, although I have to say, the classes were pretty intense, (which is clearly the reason why it is so good) with a lot of homework given by the teacher daily, you are bound to have the kind of progress that I am experiencing. I have shared my anxiety with my teacher and the rest of my friends in the class, how intense and ‘schwierig’ (difficult) this class is, to which she responded, ‘Sei geduldig’, which means, be patience. I guess, I could take that one in, as she has been real patience with all of us. I can not wait to join the next level up. Till then, cheers. Habe ein schönes Wochenende!!! (Have a nice weekend!)16





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