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Germany in the past and in the present time

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 19. Februar 2018


Today was extremely interesting day for all of us in the group because our teacher explained us the meaning and history of BRD and DDR, about the first and the second World wars. It was very interesting for us to find out that The Brandenburg Tor was in the past located in the BRD( West Germany, USA’s part) and Alexander Platz was located in DDR (East Germany, Russia’s part). While travelling with luxurious cars in the West Germany, in the East Germany people drove with “Trabi”.

The teacher also showed us the fragments from the documentary films described how people destroyed the Wall between the East & the West part of Germany in 1989, November. It was very exciting to watch that fragments.

The teacher also explained us some things about Germany’s current governmental system, Parliament, Political Parties & their main political views, Bundeskanzler and Germany’s president.

After the lesson I went shopping to the “Alexa” shopping centre, together with my sister. And in the end we walked around the Alexander Platz, visited TV Tower, which was so impressive and great.



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