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Berlin’s foodie scene

Berlin, am 26. Januar 2018

Have you participated in Berlin’s feedie scene? By participate, I mean been victim to. The other week I found out that a cafe in Prezlauer Berg would be serving spicy schezwan noodles on Saturday in January. I got really excited. So I dragged my partner along (seen in the middle of the picture below, looking very impressed). The cafe only opened for lunch so we thought 1pm would be a safe bet. There were so many people huddled inside with looks of hungry anticipation, which later I found out were actually looks of hungry desperation. We were told all the food had sold out. For reals. We planned to try again the next Saturday.

So the next Saturday, we rocked up at the opening hour. The cafe was full already inside, not a good sign. My partner joined the line to order, 30 long minutes later he finally got to order. Then another 30 hungry minutes later we finally receive our two bowls of noodles. We were ravenous, we looked at our bowls with glee. And then I took the first bite, wow I was underwhelmed. Terrible. Now I understood why everyone was taking so  long to finish their food.

Ok I’m done with my complaining. I hope your foodie adventures in Berlin have been more satisfying, there’s so much good food to be discovered here.

Sorry for the creepy faces below, I tried to obscure them a little since apparently it’s a BIG no-no here to use people’s images without their permission.



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