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“Bibliothek , Pablo Neruda”, Berlin

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 12. Februar 2018


It is Friday, so we have no lesson at DeutschAkademie

In the morning we went to the city with my sister and visited “Bibliothek , Pablo Neruda”

Which has so interesting books, I payed more attention to the medical books, as I am a doctor. I found a very interesting ones and most comfortable for me was the fact that I could find ones written in my current German language knowledge level.

So I read them with a great pleasure !


Little Lili’s Birthday Present :)

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


During a day I was studying my German.

Later we went in the city with my sister, we have done some shopping. Visited supermarkets. I like very much German supermarkets, they have everything, you can find here various things, products, etc.

In several days it is my sister’s friend’s daughter’s Birthday, so we have chosen and bought for her birthday present. We enjoyed us very much, I like choosing B.D. presents, especially for children.

She is becoming 6 yrs old 🙂 . Her name is Lili, she is from England, their parents are living in Germany for many years.

P.S.: We hope that she will enjoy with our  present 🙂 !



The Reichstag’s Building

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am

Hello once again !

After my first weekend here in Berlin my language course has continued today again …

And I feel very happy for it because I have already got very used to my Group mates and my teacher. During the weekend I was really missing them very much and was looking forward to meet with them again in the course on Monday.

One of our Group mate, from Moldova  has today brought to us his traditional sweets, Chocolate…It was so tasty, just delicious… But most important thing was his kind behavior, his friendly mood  to share with us his own country’s traditions and to show us its hospitable face…

After my course we have done with my sister some Sightseeing in the Berlin, namely we have visited The Reichstag’s Building, it was crowded with various visitors. We are so much impressed with its gorgeousness, its historical worth…It was just great !



Pocket dictionary “Lilliput”

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 09. Februar 2018

Yesterday on the lesson we have played in a group a game “Tabu”. It was very interesting and productive game,very joyful at the same time.

We have guessed many interesting words with their articles through the explanations…

In the evening we with my sister found a pocket dictionary in internet and at the same evening bought it in the city.

You can see them ( a very little red ones) here on my studying table at my home.

I hope it will be very useful for me in the city, and very comfortable at the same time to carry …


Fotos vom Stammtisch im Februar

Berlin, am
Liebe Teilnehmer,
es war gestern ein lustiger Abend mit euch. Viele haben sich für den Karaoke Wettbewerb angemeldet und auf der Bühne alles gegeben. Wir bedanken uns für so viel Power und Entertainment und freuen uns schon auf den nächsten Stammtisch am 8. März im Café Berio!
Euer DeutschAkademie Team
#DeutschAkademie #Stammtisch #DeutschLernen #MitSpaßzumErfolg #Berlin #Alexanderplatz #Knutschfleck #Karaoke




Our lessons

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 07. Februar 2018

Like previous days today also was a very interesting and productive day in our language group.

We have learnt very important grammar aspects, namely “Partizip I (praesens)” und “Partizip II (Perfekt)”. We have also studied very useful vocabulary.

In the second part of our lesson we have done a very creative task, which included grammar and vocabulary aspects, namely we had written short advisements in which we offered to people (young & old ones) to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their hobbies and interested fields with the help of professionals.

The task was extremely interesting for the whole group. We improved our German’s knowledge and had a fun at the same time !

After finishing the lesson we visited Berlin Wall, it was extremely impressive, difficult to express with words, everyone should visit it …




Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am

I continue my studying course at DeutschAkademie,Berlin. Yesterday I had the 2nd lesson which was so interesting and productive like the 1st one.

We learned very useful and important grammar aspects, namely result’s conjunctions and reason’s preposition. Which are very important to speak and write right. We did very useful grammar exercises.

I like very much the book through which we do our study, namely “Menschen” “Kurs und Arbeitsbuch”

It contains so interesting aspects of Vocabulary and Grammar. They give a wonderful opportunity to study important points of the language through games sometimes.

Today our Course coordinator has announced us very nice news about cultural and entertainment activities, namely this Thursday evening we have chance to visit with our teacher and group mates a very nice karaoke bar, and have a pleasure from a competition with other groups of our school.

And for 23th February our school has also planned for us a cultural programme through Berlin, we will visit its most important and historical, cultural places.

We all have become very happy about these news. And felt once again very thankful for it to our school.


My 1st day at DeutschAkademie,Berlin

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am

My German language studying course was started on 5th February, early in the morning, at DeutschAkademie,Berlin.

To the 1st lesson I came directly from the airport. I was so tired because of my flight, but even in such condition the lesson was very interesting and productive for me.

I liked so much our teacher and my group mates. We are 9 persons in the group. All of them are from various countries, so it is very interesting to communicate with them.

Our teacher is a very active, joyful, nice person. We did very interesting exercises during our lesson. They consisted of very important grammar and vocabulary aspects.

I hope with a such productive studying course my German language  knowledge will improve very soon and I will be able to reach all the aims which I plan with my German language as soon as possible.

After finishing my first lesson we walked in Berlin’s streets with my sister …

Although the weather was so cold, even in such weather  wandering in Berlin’s streets was very very nice …



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