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Are you in Christmas Stress?

Berlin, am 13. Dezember 2017

Check out the advertisement in Alexander Platz u-bahn right now. One, I can understand what is written because of the lessons in A1.2: Frank and Max are in Christmas stress. Yeh it kinda doesn’t make sense to me either, I’ll check with our teacher tomorrow in case I’m missing some nuance in the phrase.

Two, Decathlon is my second favourite shop in Berlin. The first being DM, you’ll have to read my post in October to see how much I love it. If you have not checked out Decathlon then you have to make a trip there pronto! It’s a massive shop with all kinds of fitness equipment and gear you can think of, they even have equestrian gear !! Last time I popped in they had renovated their floor plan to include a big display for bicycles, you can even test ride the bikes there. Best of all their products are reasonable priced and good quality.




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