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Why Did I take German Course?

Tal Mahlev
Berlin, am 11. Oktober 2017

Hey again and welcome back!

I don’t know but maybe you are wondering weather yes or not to take a German course? So, I think this is pretty normal question and that it depends on your needs or you will or your interest or your maybe a matter of time? I don’t know you will have to ask yourself. Well, in my case it is a combination between will and interest. Since I was a kid in Israel that I wanted to learn this language. Even before I knew I am a quick languages-learner. And now, when I’m in Berlin for, at least, few months, I felt like it’s a good idea to learn German and I also felt that it is necessary.

Why did I peak DeutschAkademie? Well, I have few reasons: the first that when I was here for the first time, I met a friend of mine, who was living here, in Cafe Einstein, and she told me she is studying German right here across the street and was pointing the DeutschAkademie building in front! I liked the fact that it is right in Alexanderplatz, right in the center, right next to everything you need, if you need or may need. The second reason is I live very close and it is very convenient for me, just 10 min away with the metro! The third reason is the price. I felt that the prices were very fare and I could afford it so I singed up!

(Picture: 1+5=6 : Eins plus funf ist sechs!)

It’s a matter of numbers. Today was my 3rd day of German course and we learned die Zahlen (the numbers)! It was not so easy for the majority of my classmates. But one thing I liked was that Rudi, our teacher, gave us game dice (Würfeln) and we had to cast the dice between us and than say the numbers and the summary of the numbers and it was a nice way to learn in my opinion.

A tip: If you intent to take German course try to learn some vocabulary and numbers at home before or during the course – even if just to enrich your vocabulary and knowledge but it will make it easier for you later on at class 🙂

OK! That’s it for today, again- thank you for following my German blog! I hope I can help!
Have a great time in Berlin!





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