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That A-ha moment!

Berlin, am 10. Oktober 2017

Have you ever had a moment where a key piece of information falls into place and a whole bunch of confusion is suddenly cleared up? A-ha! This actually happens to me a bit too often, makes me question how well my brain has been assembled. Anyhow, this „A-ha“ moment happened to me today in class – we learnt how to count in German!

Since German is a complicated language I expected the numbers to be equally complicated, surprisingly it’s really easy. Ok so it does get a bit weird, I made up a rule to help: for anything between 20 and 99 just say it in backwards order and don’t breathe in between. I think old English was like this, Jane Austin’s books would spell people’s ages this way, e.g. „three-and-twenty“. Our teacher explained that the German government was thinking to simplify these number expressions but that idea has been thrown out the window; cheers for complexity!

Even though German is still scary to me, at least I came away from today’s lesson equipped with the power to say my age and recite my phone number.

Now if someone speaks German to me, out of the flow of incomprehensible words I will be able to snatch up any numbers they utter. A-Ha!



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