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My First Day!

Tal Mahlev
Berlin, am 10. Oktober 2017

Hello again and thanks for keep following!

Yesterday was my first day at German course A1.1 at DeutschAkademie in Alexanderplatz, Berlin.
Although I speak 4 languages, in German I am a very beginner, and so I can say I was very excited to start German course in DeutschAkademie! I have to admit that I imagined the class room biger, but it is very cozy and it gives a good feeling and confidence.

I have very nice classmates from all over the world and a very nice teacher! My classmates come from Hungary, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Italia, France and Nigeria and all of them are very nice! We were all shy at first but with the help of our teacher Rudi (German) we started to talk German at the very first day! Rudi is very nice and patience and shows a lot of knowledge in other languages too which I find as a very good thing because that way he can also show us where the words in German are coming from and make it a little less scary and a little more nice to learn this Language.

We learned the ABC and some more basic things like „what is your name and where are you coming from?“ You say in German: Wie heisst du und woher kommst du? These questions are very common when you are a traveller, so the next time someone will ask me these questions I will sure know to answer: „ich heisse Tal und ich komme aus Israel!“.
So for the next time somebody asks you you’ll know what to say! 🙂


Today was the 2nd day and we learned about the verbs and how to ask for drinks in a restaurant. After greeting each other in German (it was easier than yesterday..) we learned verb conjugations (ich bin/du bist/wir sind/ihr seid) and later we practiced full sentences with each other. The sentences were mainly about coffee and other drink and I really liked it because I’m passionate about coffee so it’s cool that I know how to ask for coffee now! When the lesson was over I went with Sofia, my Portuguese classmate, to have a frozen yogurt in Alexa (big shopping mall just next to DeutschAkademie) and to get to know each other better. She is very nice and and we had really nice time together!

So, that’s it for today.. I will go to practice some of what we’ve learned today! I hope you enjoy your stay in Berlin and that maybe I can help you with some of the info I share here!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Tal 🙂

(picture: my study book and notebook, some of my classmates and Rudi our teacher who listens very carefully)




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