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My favourite golden tea house

Berlin, am 11. Oktober 2017

Ok, to be honest I only know one golden tea house but it’s my favourite! The grounds around the palace in Potsdam are so beautiful, and this royal tea house is definitely worth a visit. There are golden statues decorating the tea house depicting Chinese musicians, each one is mesmerising. If you’re on a tight budget or with friends who have short attention spans for roaming inside palaces, the palace grounds are free and on a nice day a picnic would be perfect.

I just wanted to share this favourite spot, as it’s one of my cherished memories from my backpacker travels 9 years ago and more recently since my move to Berlin this year.

On a side note, today I came out of class feeling more comfortable with Deutsch, well more accurately, less uncomfortable. Let’s face it, German is a tough language. I was trying to inconspicuously listen to people on my way home and I the only word I understood was „meine“, it was a small but mighty victory!




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