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It’s time for the Doctor!

Berlin, am 25. Oktober 2017

I’ll keep today’s post short, as I’m still recovering (mentally) from the unplanned needle stabbing at the doctor’s today. I’ll also try to  keep my whinging, about how hard it is to see a doctor in Berlin, short.

The highlight for today was how well I communicated in Deutsch. Somehow I had made an appointment at the doctors, with the near zero Deutsch I knew; that was 3 weeks ago, even for a simple GP visit you have to wait weeks! So I had grumpily noted the appointment and patiently wait. Today was the day. I rock up at the address, to find a massive square building in the place of the friendly doctor’s clinic I had imagined. The whole building was riddled with private specialists and doctors, where the hell was my doctor? After bouncing from one hidden reception to another, like a pinball, I finally found the right door. The first thing I said to the receptionist was „Hallo, ich habe einen Termin um halb drei.“ I felt freaken awesome, I had officially said my first correct Deutsch sentence!  The elation was short lived though, it was all down hill from there, I didn’t understand a word of what the receptionist said.

What an ordeal today was, but at least my Deutsch classes are paying off.



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