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Have you been to dm yet?

Berlin, am 23. Oktober 2017

Have you been to the chemist shop dm? At first I thought it was a bit weird that. Seriously, it’s a bizarre concept to buy a simple medicine at a shop that sells all sorts of wellness products (eye drops, shampoo, vitamins, etc). Anyways, aside from my cognitive dissonance.

„Why?“ I hear you ask. I love that dm food gluten-free and vegan foods; it has the best toe socks for sneakers; the home brand products are really good quality at crazy cheap prices,  I refuse to buy branded soaps and shampoos now. Best of all, your 2 euro dm canvas bag can be exchanged for a new one once it’s all dirty and used, true story! I would recommend this to a friend.

In short, when I first came to Berlin dm helped me feel more familiar with my new hometown. Before you dismiss this as random ravings, check out dm for yourself.




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