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First day at school!

Berlin, am 09. Oktober 2017

Like a 6 year old, I was anxious about starting school. Since class was going to start at 8:30am, my bag was packed the night before, I tried to get to sleep early (which was a fail), then in the morning I woke up way too early, and before I could convince my self to go back to sleep my brain was already anticipating the day. Despite the dubious start to the day, I arrived to class perky and keen, with my shiny new textbooks!

Our teacher, Kirima, is patient and sweet, thank goodness because German is an intimidating language. I felt lost and baffled a lot during today’s class, but I got through all the exercises ok so I suppose it’s expected that everyone will feel like lost sheep in the beginning.

So today we learnt how to ask „what’s your name?“, „Where do you come from?“, and „How are you?“. We learnt how to reply to these also, and there was a bit of grammar as well to help us start building an understanding of basic German. Three hours just flew by, and even though we learnt very basic things, by the end my brain was ready to call it a day.

It’s going to take some time to adjust to German eh.






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