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Tal Mahlev
Berlin, am 13. Oktober 2017

Hello everyone! Nice to have you back here!

I wan to recommend you about my favorite place in the city! I can’t remember if I already told you about my love for coffee. So yes, I am a coffee lover and a professional barista, so my favorite place in terms of cafe’s is a small coffee shop in Mall of Berlin, at Potsdamerplatz. The name of the shop is „der Kaffeeladen“ (the coffee shop). I can highly recommend to those who loves good coffee to go and have one there, because they have very good&tasty coffee served very nicely and professionally and they also have some small pastries of course. If you want to go, as I said, it is located in the Mall of Berlin at Potsdamerplatz at the ground level right next to the U-bahn station of U2 Mohrenstrasse.

(Picture: My coffee at der Kaffeeladen with a small glass of water and the best Florentiner I know 🙂 )

Yesterday we had a night-out with the DeutschAkademie school! At the end of our first week of German course in DeutschAkademie we had a night-out not only of our class but more classes at the „Cancun“ restaurant next to Alexanderplatz. It was organized by the school and it was very nice evening. We got to know more people and our classmates better and it was very nice is funny evening! I would definitely recommend you to also go because you can meet new people and make new friends and basically it’s fun! At the end every table (we set in mixed tables as we chose..) had to make a pasta tower and put a Marshmallow on top of it without the tower to fall. Here, as you can see, is our piece of art, and it called „die Piraten“ (as we also added a flag that unfortunately you cannot see in this pic) :

First week summery: I am happy with my decision to go to German school and choosing DeutschAkademie school. I’ve learned a lot of important things and I can already see the change in my German!

I wish you happy weekend! The forecast says it’s going to be sunny so enjoy every second of it!!
Thank you for following and see you next week!!
bis nächste Woche!!





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