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Lost With The Horse

Berlin, am 03. November 2016

I believe that to really learn about a new city is to let yourself lose and be found again. If you let your fear controlling you, you will not gain the most of what the city can offer. So I chose not to be feared down by my own anxiety and instead to embrace the unknown. I started my day to look out for the Botschaft of Malaysia (ie-Embassy of Malaysia) by foot. I looked on the Google map before I start my journey, and it told me that by foot it will take me over an hour. Well, that is brilliant I thought as I could have my healthy walk of the day as well as getting my mission to visit the embassy. I didn’t have the Google map with me, I just basically memorized the rough direction towards the Botschaft. And so my journey began. Half way walking, at the Reichstag building, my route was put on halt. Strasse Des 17 Juni was blocked. I learned later it was blocked in order to make way for the preparation of the 3 day event of the Reunification Day a.k.a Tag der Deutschen Einheit. So, where do I go?. I realized that this is when the unknown feeling hits you. And when it hits you, you just used your instinct. And my gut feeling brought me through a magnificent view, yet through another side of Berlin. It is a metropolitan, giant city, hidden in its center, a 210 hectares inner-city park. It is with a capital H- HUGEE! The area has a lot of footpaths, lakes with small islands, gardens, tall trees, shrubs, and sculptures.   The sculptures really give you the taste of the 19th century, thanks to Herr William for coming up with such a wondrous idea (you can read further on Frederich William and his hunting adventure on Google). I could recall once in a while, whilst enjoying these sculptures, walking, filtering in the breeze and following the trails of the dried leaves, that I could hear the sirens from the guards of the Emperor, and some raucous yet elegant steps of their well-kept horses coming pass me.  It is beautiful to be lost with The Horse. What a fantasy dream land. In case you are wondering about my real mission, yes I got to the Botschaft von Malaysia after 2 hours walking through the park. Big Smile




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