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Die Kristallnacht: Synagoge Kleine Auguststra

Berlin, am 07. November 2016
Today I decided to cook some spicy pumpkin soup. It is the month where pumpkins are harvested, so I figured that is a good enough reason for me to take a walk to the nearest REWE supermarket here in my neighborhood area and get some of the ingredients for the soup. I know the soup can last me for my entire weekend. And the thought of bundling up in a warm blanket for the entire weekend while having a hot home-made soup in a cold autumn season is enough to warm up my feeling at the moment. As I was walking home after getting all the ingredients from the supermarket- with the warmth feeling still lingers down my belly while thinking of that delicious soup I will be making, my vision caught a few rather sad looking stuccoes laying on the side of a small dingy road. When I found out what these stuccoes were commemorating about, the warmth inside of me had just been stolen away. It was a representation of a long lost synagogue that was built with a donation money from one person’s savings in 1905 and it had served about 550 worshipers. The synagogue was, like many other synagogues on the 2 nights in November 1938, was broken down to pieces, on what the Nazi Germans would call ‚Pogromnacht‘ (The Pogrom Night) or simply referred to as the massacre nights. The 2 nights of the 9th and the 10th of November 1938 marked the organized massacre of the Jews as well as the smashed down of all of their houses, synagogues, and businesses. The massacre left a lot of littered streets with shattered shards of broken glasses from the smashed windows that the event is simply referred to as the Crystal Night (die Kristallnacht). Looking at these stuccoes today remind me of how blessed my life is , as I realized that I can still afford to have an imagination of a hot delicious soup inside a warm heated house and fully knowing that my imagination is not a far fetched for me to acquire, unlike those
whose life were threatened and taken away.


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