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Tegeler See

Berlin, am 26. Juli 2016

Have you ever visited Tegeler See? If not you should go, if yes you should comeback :p Tegeler See is the second largest lake in Berlin. It’s located near Tegel airport. So, if you have flown using that airport I am sure you have already seen it from your airplane. It’s a lovely place with beautiful green areas colored with millions of flowers. There are soooooo many interesting things to do here. People come on a sunny day and enjoy many water activities like hiring pedal boats, kanu-kayaking, sailing, etc. Kids are feeding the swans and ducks while others are enjoying sunbathing on the beach of Tegeler See. People could enjoy wonderful walks along the shore as well as having a picnic with friends and family.

I recommend you to go and enjoy a nice sunny day in this magnificent place. There the time stops and the fun begins.




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