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Meine Klassenkameraden

Berlin, am 26. Juli 2016

Studying German for me was not only an opportunity to learn a new language but also an opportunity to make so many new friends. I am so happy to be able to study with people from all over the world. In class I am seating next to people coming from India, America, Ukraine, Syria, Morocco, Italia, Iran, Netherlands, France, Palestine. Such an international classroom full with so much potential.

I am so glad that these people had decided to step out of their comfort zone and learn a new language. To cross new borders and to learn about new cultures. The world is your oyster.

Many times after class we go for a coffee together. It’s a privilege to learn about the world through its people.

I belief that every person has a unique story. Every time I meat a new person I am always surprised. Life is written in a creative way.

The next lines are a brief introduction of my classmates:

Hala – from Morocco is making documentary films

Jenifer – from America is HR who is doing MBA in Germany

Inna – from Ukraine is learning programming by her own

Rayan – from Syria is going to study master in Civil Engineering

Alaa – from Palestina is doing internship in Berlin

Nicola – from Italy is working as a waiter in a bar

Haithan – from Syria is studying architecture

Nice mixed isn’t it?

Life is full with these and many more interesting life stories ….

Enjoy discovering them!




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