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Grammar Schmammer

Jennifer S.
Berlin, am 02. April 2016

When I first started learning German, it was from an old textbook that a friend had lying around. I casually flipped through the pages, and was entranced by both the simplicity and (conversely) the length of the words. Over time I practiced the language with apps and online courses that promised to have me “speaking German in a few short weeks!”

Fast forward to now, and I can speak German, but as I have learned in my class, my understanding of the language basics is non-existent. Although I have started classes at a higher level, I have to learn the case and preposition for each word, and how it affects the sentence. My classmates started their coursework with the Akademie, and are therefore accustomed to identifying things like Accusative or Dative case.

This has made my learning curve a bit slower. Although my speaking courses prepared me for basic conversations, it has not prepared me to understand the grammar behind my words.

For those of you that may be struggling with the same thing, it was recommended to me that perhaps I could purchase the books from previous courses. Even though I might struggle to complete the current exercises, there is a tremendous amount of value in understanding how my classmates acquired their skills and the building blocks that they are using. Also, being patient is a key to success. It’s tough not to get frustrated, but these skills will come with time. So stay focused, and you’re sure to see your understanding of German grammar basics grow.



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