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Citizen of the world

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 11. April 2016

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Each one of us is a unique citizen of the world. You are exclusive and irreplaceable.

That’s how I define you and each person I meet. I love getting to know people as they always achieve to surprise me. Their life is original, their background is unique and their story is creative.

My story starts in Bulgaria.  Small but really beautiful country situated on Eastern Europe, famous for being the country of the Roses. I spent my childhood there. My summer holidays were enjoyed in the library where my grandmother was working and in her flower garden. When I became 12 my parents decided to move to Spain. Just 3000 kilometers away, “just round the corner”. I would never imagine that I will grow up in a different country than Bulgaria. But life is a story book full with surprise chapters.

And that’s how my Spanish chapter started. We moved to Valencia, a very sunny city, on the coast of Mediterranean see. This was the city which saw me growing up and following my dreams. There I started studying Aeronautical Engineering. There I lived university years full with great friendships, laughter moments and not that laughter exam moments. There I decided to be brave and to move abroad, but this time without my parents. And that’s how after 11 Spanish years my new international adventure began.

The challenge was accepted. I flew to Leeds, a lovely university city in the middle of the United Kingdom. My Erasmus stay there brought me lifetime friendships with people all around the world: Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany, Venezuela, Poland, and many more. This cultural avalanche changed me forever and persuaded me to study my Masters in London.

My British chapter was even more colorful mix of nationalities. I could easily have a dinner citing on a table with 10 people and everyone would be coming from different corners of the world. After finishing my masters and struggled to find a graduate job I finally found myself working in a Helicopter engineering company. Two years later on a Christmas dinner party organized by my Church I met an incredible person who changed my life forever. He was coming from Germany and of course he had a long international experience like me. Two and a half months later he asked me to marry him and so we did. One beautiful autumn day in London I was walking down the aisle towards my one and only, surrounded by my international friends and family.

4 months later I am living my German chapter in this unique city called Berlin. I am loving it since the first moment I arrived. A city full with history, art, fashion, freedom and lots of human stories. I love going to DeutschAkademie because every time I start a new course there I find myself sinking into international ocean of people who soon I can call friends. I am excited about discovering Berlin and its unique people.

We are the heritage of the world. You, me and the people around us. There is nothing more inspiring than getting to know someone’s story.

Be inspired. Start with the person next to you!



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