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(Almost) Summertime Grillin’

Jennifer S.
Berlin, am 04. April 2016

With warm weather on the horizon, Germany comes alive with people. It’s hard to believe what a difference a few degrees make, but now the prospect of flip-flops and sun seems just a bit more plausible. Additionally, in our textbook, we had just covered the section where we learned about lebensmittel, (groceries). These two coincidences seemed as good a reason as any to celebrate food so I headed out to a friends house in Bavaria for a BBQ.

As with many BBQs, I was asked to bring something to share along with whatever meat I wanted to grill. Upon arrival, I saw that many had brought meat wrapped around a stick that I was informed is called, fackeln. Additionally, there were (of course) a variety of bratwurst and something else on a stick called fettstecken, which I later learned was actually pork belly. Some of the bratwurst had an herb inside called barlauch, but which Americans may know as ramps. I learned that this herb grows wild, and was invited to go one weekend for a “barlauch picking” hike.

Other than the variety of foods that people brought, this BBQ was just like any other back home. Everyone chatting and eating and grilling did make me a bit homesick …but I was also reminded of how people everywhere are in some ways the same. Gathering around a grill in the sun, and eating and sharing food is a tradition that is universal. So find a BBQ this summer and discover how our differences are really not so different after all.



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