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Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 17. April 2016

IMG_9695 - copia IMG_9698 - copia

Talking about Neue Wache in the previous post reminded me of Käthe (Schmidt) Kollwitz. She was the artist who created the masterpiece sculpture of Nueu Wache which keeps inspiring Berlin visitors over the years.

I learned about this strong woman Käthe Kollwitz when I visited the EPHRAIM-PALAIS and the current exhibition taking place there: “Berlin – Stadt der Frauen” (Berlin the city of women).

Even 150 years ago Berlin was a place where many things were possible when elsewhere they seemed impossible – especially for women. The exhibition tells the story of 20 very emblematic woman who lived in Berlin. The exponents describe what these women experienced and how they have thereby helped shape the history of the city.

I was deeply impressed by the strong spirit and the uniqueness of each one of these ladies. I discovered that Berlin was not only the scene of increasing social participation of women, but also their motor. One reason for this was the fact that in 1866 Wilhelm Adolf Lette founded here the Association for the Promotion of earning capacity of the female gender. He created training programs specifically for women: a work that for nearly 30 years was successfully led by his daughter Anna Schepeler-Lette after his death and now still persists for 150 years.

In the exhibition you can learn about the life of women in the political, entrepreneurial, creative and innovative sector (Elly Beinhorn, Katharina Heinroth, Emilie Winkelmann, etc)

It was really inspiring to meet all these incredible ladies and their stories.



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