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Dativ? Akkusativ? Oy!!

Berlin, am 02. Juli 2014

I love to learn new languages, I really do. Besides Hebrew, my mother tongue, I speak English and some Arabic and Dutch. I came to Germany knowing that I’m going to conquer Deutsch – no matter what! Yet, the grammar issue is always my weakness. I know, I have my ways of working this grammar out and make it, but it’s the most annoying part of the language. I prefer to study vocabulary much more! It’s far more interesting 🙂 This past week we studied Dativ cases after the Akkusativ, and I wasn’t sure, after all the exercises in class and at home that I know how to recognize a case successfully.

So today was the last day of the course, and we were working on the Dativ and Akkusativ, and the part that I’m actually having trouble with. We read a few sections and examined them word by word. Now I feel better, I think. Nonetheless, as you can see in the pictures below, I decided to make tables of the common prepositions for Dativ and Akkusativ, so it would be easier for me in the future. I thought it might be helpful for you too, so at your service 🙂




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