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Berlin is a startup city, yes it is! (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am 03. März 2014

Berlin is a startup city, yes it is. Not only the physical city itself, but also the Berlin’s virtual internet sphere is also full of startup companies. The people who are behind there new flourishing companies are the young and fresh brains that are full of ideas. And this all perfectly makes sense. It is indeed difficult to find a job in Berlin. Yet this is a city that is open to ideas, especially open to good ideas. So if you have a new idea and you open a little shop with that idea, it is quite likely that it would work. Sometimes you do not need a space. My great, awesome, one and only hairdresser comes home. I just give him a call to make my ‘termin’ then he comes home, gives me a new hair cut, puts my pink hair into a good shape, and yep, its done! He is not expensive, professional hair dresser and know hair is important for women!




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