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Passing the exam Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD) proves that you possess solid basic knowledge of everyday language use and are able to linguistically cope with the most important everyday situations.

Learners, who successfully pass the exam Zertifikat Deutsch, know basic grammatical structures of German and are able to comprehend as well as actively participate in conversations about everyday topics. They can express simple facts in spoken as well as written discourse and are able to comprehend texts dealing with everyday life.

Zertifikat Deutsch is widely acknowledged around the world and recognized by employers as a proof of mastery of basic German.

Zertifikat Deutsch is an exam with emphasis on communication of the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Exam structure

Zertifikat Deutsch consists of a written and an oral part. In both parts at least 60% have to be reached. Your achievement at the exam is evaluated with pass to excellent.

The written part consists of reading comprehension, language building blocks, listening comprehension and a writing task (writing of a letter). The oral examination consists of three parts: establishing contact to others, discussion of a topic and solving a task orally.

Of course, you train all these tasks and aspects of language use intensively at your course at the DeutschAkademie.

Examination dates

Please contact the DeutschAkademie for exam dates.

Examination fees

Taking the exam costs 160,00€.

Which intensive course?

With enrollment in the intensive courses until level B1(2) you reach the required level.

Special exam preparation course in Berlin

Zertifikat Deutsch

Become fit for all exam questions with the special preparation course Zertifikat Deutsch. The course takes place every Friday for 4 weeks. At the course you can train:

  • exam strategies
  • time management
  • and a teacher answers all your questions

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