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TestDaF is a standardized language exam in Germany, officially recognized as a language admission exam for foreign candidates at German universities. With a passed TestDaF exam you become eligible to study at a German university.

Exam structure

The TestDaF exam consists of four parts:

  • reading comprehension
  • listening comprehension
  • writing
  • speaking

TestDaF can be repeated as often as you wish and, as opposed to ZOP and DSH, takes place on one day.

TestDaF 3, TestDaF 4, TestDaF 5

In general, TestDaF level 3 is sufficient to gain admission at a university in Berlin. The Munich universities LMU, TU and FHS require, however, mostly level TDN 4.

Which intensive course

Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen Deutsch

To pass TestDaF level 3, you need to complete our courses at least until level B2(2). For TestDaF level 4 you need to accomplish our courses at least until level C1(1) and for TestDaF level 5 at least until level C1(2).

Levels of TestDaF do not totally correspond to levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, recommendations based on the Framework of Reference are approximate.

Special TestDaF-exam preparation in Berlin

As an addition to our intensive courses we offer special exam preparation courses for the TestDaF Levels 3, 4 and 5. In this course you can train exam exercises, simulate real exam situations and get to know the standardized exam questions of TestDaF. You train:

  • exam strategies
  • what you should pay special attention to
  • a teacher answers all your questions
  • you take mock tests and work with exercise sheets previously used at the TestDaF exams

The course takes places once a week on Friday (3 hours) for 4 weeks. To take the course, you should be at least on level B2. This exam preparation course is not a substitution for the regular intensive course.

Consulting and placement test

If you are interested in the TestDaF exam, you can take our placement test free of charge and we can tell you how much you still need to learn in order to reach the required level. All our participants have successfully taken the exam so far.

Registration for the TestDaF-exam in Berlin

Registration for the exam needs to be made in due time. Please use the following link to register for the exam:

Choose the examination center in the menu item "Registration", e.g. the Goethe Institute in Berlin, and fill in the registration form. You can pay the examination fee via credit card on the internet or a bank transfer. The confirmation of your registration will be sent to the examination center of the TestDaF-Institute.

Examination dates

Please contact the DeutschAkademie for exam dates or visit

Examination fee

Taking the exam costs 175,00€.

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