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Leisure activities in Berlin

Leisure activities after your German language course Berlin

Lernen Sie Deutsch und genießen Sie Ihre Freizeit in Berlin.

We organize excursions in and around Berlin for you after your German language course.

After your German language course you will be able to get to know Berlin and Brandenburg, create wonderful memories and to find friends beyond your own German course, among the participants from all over the world.

Learning German at the museum "Story of Berlin"

Besuchen Sie einen Deutschkurs an der DeutschAkademie Berlin!

Let DeutschAkademie take you on a trip back in time through Berlin’s history after your German course in Berlin. From its first mention in 1237 to the Prussian era, through the years of World War Two and the era of the DDR to the Fall of the Berliner Wall.

Crowning highlight of this journey through Berlin’s history is a tour of an original nuclear fallout shelter.

Learning German and get to know Potsdam

Assister à des cours d’allemand à Berlin.

 The capital of the state of Brandenburg, about 30 minutes from Berlin, is definitely worth a day trip. First and foremost, we recommend a guided tour of Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam’s crown jewel. Having coffee at the Hauptplatz, a guided tour through the old town or a little bicycle tour, this day trip after the German course is sure to be a great experience for our students.

Boat ride on the Spree River after the German language course Berlin

DeutschAkademie Berlin - da sind Sie richtig!

During the summer months, our students join us for an exploration of the German capital from the water. Because of its many canals and the Spree River, Berlin has affectionately been called the Venice of Germany. The boat tour travels past the Dom and the Museum Island through the charming Nikolai quarter. Sightseeing from a different perspective!