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Special Package Offer: Audio Course German for Beginners + Vocabulary Builder German + Short Story

Audio Course German for Beginners
(Audiokurs Deutsch für Anfänger)
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German Audio Course Preview:

Vocabulary Builder Preview

Der Besuch Preview

Order the new "Audio Course German for Beginners" by DeutschAkademie today and get the "Vocabulary Builder German" plus short story "Der Besuch" for free! This way you save €12.48 and get a great package to start learning German!

Audio Course German for Beginners:

  • 10 entertaining and interesting lessons
  • Funny storyline
  • German vocabulary exercises
  • German grammar exercises
  • Pleasant native speaker
  • Compatible for iPad and Kindle
  • Handy booklet included

Audio Course German:
Start learning German today with the audio course from the DeutschAkademie! Follow the story of Philip in Berlin and learn German while you are listening.


Basic Vocabulary Builder GERMAN

Learn German Vocabulary the easy way: Listen to the word in English, repeat it in German during the pause and then listen to the German native speaker. And you already memorized a new word and practiced your pronunciation! 

More than 2000 German English vocabulary with examples
Handy booklet with all the German vocabulary from the audio training
German native speaker with a pleasant voice for your perfect pronunciation!
Ideal for learning German on the go in a car, on atrain or airplane!

Der Besuch (The Visitor) 

Short Story: Mystery 

Plot Summery: A man is home alone. Is he totally alone or not? He hears some footsteps and there are footprints. Was there a noise in the basement?! 

 German grammar exercises! 
 English Translation

Audio Course 9.99
+ Vocabulary 9.99
+ 1 Short Story 2.49
Total 22.47
   only €9,99
Sie sparen 34%! Download

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Audio Course German data sheet:
Lessons: 20 Chapters
Audio: 3.8 hours
Booklet: 149 Pages
Languages: German and English
German Level: A1-B1
Download-Size: 305 MB
Format: MP3 + PDF + Epub

Short description:
Start learning German today with the audio course from the DeutschAkademie! Follow the story of Philip in Berlin and learn German while you are listening. Listen, repeat and learn the German vocabulary and grammar at your prefered speed!

 10 entertaining and interesting lessons
 Funny storyline
 German vocabulary exercises
 German grammar exercises
 Pleasant native speaker

 compatible for iPad and Kindle

Learning German can be fun and easy going with this audio course from the DeutschAkademie. Ideal for beginners who are starting to learn German. First you will hear the introduction to each chapter and learn the vocabulary which is neccessary to understand the conversation. after each conversation you will have the opportunity to practice the vocabulary and full sentences by listening and repeating after the narrator. Every lesson comes with grammar explainations and exercises who build up your grammar knowledge in no time. These 10 lessons will give you the perfect start for learning and speaking German!


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